Through your kindness today we can achieve hope and a future for many families in need. We have many programs that will benefit from your generosity. From locally to GLOBALLY we are fulfilling needs for many families. 


Proverbs 19:17 Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.

Popular Funds

Africa projects

We have major projects now primarily in Sierra Leone. From building schools to building homes and markets. Through you, we can achieve so much more!

Families in need

Families just like your own are always in need. We assist families to reach the roots of our youth and we your help to break poverty.

Our youth

Our youth are the seeds that we plant in our world. Our Youth programs always benefit from your generosity right here in your own community.

GIVING BACK to many causes

Your donations go a long way to each and every one of our programs that cater to different individuals of our society. 

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Our youth programs include:

Recording Studio for therapy through the arts. We want to bring the youth into a space where their creativity leads them to new beginnings.

PowerHouse Gems & Gents: A program to mentor youth about life’s journey at our youth center and to help prepare them for the professional/corporate world.

PowerFit: A fitness program that motivates and teaches nutrition and exercise to the youth. We provide activities and a plan to follow.





1PowerHouse partakes in many projects overseas in Africa. We support and sponsor an orphanage in Kenya and we pay tuition fees for 30 students in Nigeria.

We also assisted in supplying all school supplies for 600+ students of a 6-classroom school in Sierra Leone. 

We need all of the support we can receive. Thank you for your generosity it truly makes a HUGE difference!


Local families

We are blessed to be able to provide families every single week with free food and new household items. We currently are working on being able to provide families with financial relief especially due to Covid-19. 

Thanks to your donations, we will be able to provide that service very soon. 


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