“A POWERful workout leads to A POWERful mindset”

Our mission is to strengthen kids not just physically but also mentally. We strive to help Powerkids over come diseases such as juvenile diabetes, hypertension, and obesity to name a few.

Studies show that One out of four kids are active everyday while the other 3 are not because they spend most of their times on things like internet and videos games. Powerfit is here to raise that ratio. But not only with fitness and good eating habits, but also with their future plans for examples their career path. So if your Powerkid wants to be a doctor, then we will help them by any means necessary with resources and even scholarship potentials to ensure that they aim high to be all that they can be.


Why fitness is important for teens?

Physical fitness programs can meet many needs of at-risk youth. The application of structured physical training programs has been shown to positively affect many risk factors for serious problem behaviors of at-risk youth, such as increased self-esteem, increased well-being, increased acquisition of “life skills” like goal-setting and planning, increased values development, and lowered depression and anxiety. Powerfit fitness programs have positively affected at-risk youth problems and behaviors which in turn, lowered substance abuse and criminal behavior.


Powerfit commits to help your Powerkids become strong not just mentally but physically. After completing our program, each PowerKid will understand our motto, Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” and if they choose to live by that word, that they can do whatever they put they mind to do. Each PowerKid would leave knowing that giving up
is never an option.

Another one of our goals at Powerfit is not just fitness, but to also help kids discover their purpose and teach them to work hard and strive for greatness. Powerfit offer various sessions, one being called “PowerTalk” session. During PowerTalk, each Powerkid will be given the opportunity to talk about every day issues in life and any
struggles that they may face in their everyday life. Powerfit are Mandated reporters and we commit to always put the safety of each Powerkid first.



Each Trainer must be certified. Must maintain a have high level energy, great people skills, and the abilities to make good decisions at all times.


  • 10 min Power Warmup 
  • 5 min Open discussion 
  • 3 min Stretch
  • 2 min Jog
  • 40 min Power Workout
  • 30 min Obstacle course
  • 10 jump squats
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 Mountain climbers
  • 10 Power jacks
  • Make a layup
  • Sprint down tag teammate hand
  • 5 min ab burnout
  • 5 min Stretch
  • 10 min Closing discussion and Meal Plan

We’re All About POWER

POSITIVE : Positive vibes and mindsets
OBEDIENCE: If told to do something you must do it
WISDOM: Always make smart and wise decisions in and out of the gym
ETHIC: Whatever you do, make sure you give it 100%
RESPECT : Respect your peers, elders and YOURSELF

Atlanta, Georgia
​(404) 590 5237