all about our staff


1PowerHouse was founded in 2015 by Jason and Demi Oche. They both always had a passion to serve and help others. Jason and Demi both owned businesses in respective fields, and stepped outside their professional realms to give back to the community in a mighty way together as a newly married couple. They both give all honor to God for this vision to be able to help grow in their community.

CEO of Power Fit

​Malik Green, CEO of Powerfit and son of Demi and Jason Oche. Football coach, player, and sport fanatic. Starting college majoring in Business and Sports Training. He has a passion for ministering to youth through sports, and mental growth building. Started PowerFit to further grow in his knowledge, interests, and love for the overall involvement in his craft and community.

Director of Human Resources

My name is Mylove, I am the Director of Human Resources here at 1 Power House. I have grown to love mission work and getting my hands dirty out in the field. It’s a big shift from being behind a desk, and I can honestly say it has captured my heart. I love to make an impact. Some of my interests include painting or taking a walk in the park with my dog. I am very family oriented, so I love spending time with my family and friends. Two of my favorite quotes to live by in life are, “Trust the Process” and “Your job today is to be better than yesterday”.